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Win free Bitcoin and earn Money

Today, I will give you a new sense of working on. the work here is very simple. it freelance, PTC or not any job site. it is the site of a Bitcoin. of course do not mistake anyone thinking freelance. here's earnings as a freelance site, but not too bad, but to be the best PTC sites.

Let us know about at what Bitcoin?

Let us know about at what Bitcoin
Bitcoin is, how it works, many of you have come to know well. Yet it is a little lighter, as if to say, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system introduced as open source software in 2009. The digital currency created and used in the system is alternatively referred to as a virtual currency, electronic money, or a cryptocurrency because cryptography is used to control its creation and transfer. Conventionally, the capitalized word "Bitcoin" refers to the technology and network, whereas lowercase "bitcoin" refers to the digital currency. If you want to know more then click here.

1 Bitcoin is currently worth about $ 250.75 USD, about 20 days ago was $ 295.35 USD. The stock market like a lot of the price varies, understand that when people are constantly updated.

That 1 BITCOIN = $ 250.75 USD

Bitcoin's Utility 

1. The new issue of the Bitcoin system. it is a kind payza, Paypal, Skrill like Bitcoin trading system or gateway. At present, many countries of the world as much as the gateway to the payment process has been added to the Bitcoin system. Europe, USA the advanced countries Bitcoin system has gained popularity in a short time. there may be quite a while, the whole country should be on the Bitcoin system. recently, many people are earning Bitcoins.

2. Payment of any place, pay, pay bills, pay and bonuses will be paid. moreover Bitcoin mobile phone, bank account or to transfer to another master card.

3. Stock market or any other market, it was able to sell Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Wallet Account

First you need to create a Bitcoin Wallet address. 34 Character of these addresses usually are. this is why it is so secure. it is called Bitcoin payment addresses. meaning that you will earn Bitcoins to all sites, Bitcoin will be added here all. Subsequently you can withdraw from it.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet account

Creating an account is very simple. first, please read it carefully. then follow the rest of this tutorial do it to.

1. First Click here. then will open a page like this.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet account

2. "First Name" Enter your first name, "Last Name" Enter your last name, "Email" Enter your e-mail address, " Choose A Password" Enter a new password in the box and click on the "SIGN UP" button.

3. Then you will be able to verify the e-mail addresses. Go to your e-mail account and click VERIFY MY EMAIL ADDRESS. the new window will open. then your e-mail and password to login to the site (registration when used in). If you can login, then you will have to create the account. if you are not logged in re-registration must be.

4. After login will open a window like this. From Eat "Your Name > Advanced > Bitcoin Addresses" click on it you will see in the following. Then Click "+ Create New Address" button and wait. will create a New Bitcoin Wallet address. keep a copy of it on a notepad, it need of the site to earn Bitcoins and every time to login.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet account

5. If you take into account verified by the mobile number. for this login your account, go to the "Settings > Security" and click on the "Verify a Phone". a message will be on your phone. there will be required to input the code here. this is because your account coinbase will be safe. of course the option will be add a bank account, there is no need for now to it.

Best free bitcoin wallet

Earn Bitcoin

Now would have to earn. free to earn Bitcoins will give you a link to a site, where you get Bitcoins per hour without any work.

1. First Click here. will open a page like this.

how to earn free bitcoins fast

E-mail Address - here give your e-mail address.

Password - Here's your new password.

Bitcoin Address - Bitcoin address previously built it to here.

Then click on the SIGN UP button. Your account has been created.

Then LOGIN the site > click on the LOGIN > you use your Bitcoin address and password to login here.

2. After login, the following pages will be open. then, Scroll down and click the "CLAIM YOUR FREE BTC NOW!" button.

Free daily Bitcoin win and earn Money

Captcha to fill at the box and click on ROLL.

best way to earn free bitcoin

3. Then, If timer starts the following image, then you Success. if the "Invalid Code" is seen to TRY again, will be. thus, every hour you will be able to earn Bitcoins. come back after 1 hour and fill Captcha to Click ROLL. see Bitcoin has been added to your account. thus, consecutively 1 hour Go to website and stay earn.

Bitcoin win and earn Money


They pay every Sunday. If you enable auto withdraw and your balance is more than 0.00005460 BTC, it will be sent out as a payment to your Bitcoin wallet on Sunday. You will receive an email notifying you of the payment.

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Win free Bitcoin and earn Money
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