Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ePay Best way to earn Free Bitcoins

best way to earn free bitcoin

Sign Up ePay.info and you login your account. Play the rotator to claim 1.0 mBTC Hourly! if you play all faucet at the time, you can earn 1,052,491 satoshi Daily. You can earn Bitcoins easily and know your Bitcoins balance with ePay. ePay provides a weekly payment.

ePay.info is a site for managing payments that automatically pays out when you reach a certain limit. There is a group of faucets that pay only to ePay and with their new faucet rotator its easy to claim and cash out. I find using it once a day easily hits the minimum required for the weekly payout. you can also request a payout at any time though they will charge you a small fee for this. To start claiming simply click Here enter your email address or Bitcoin address and start earning. They have a dashboard where you can keep an eye on your earnings too Check out and give it a try.

easily way to earn free Bitcoins

ePay has one of the best interfaces and tracking systems. You can easily see how much you earned when and where. When refering people, you see what faucet works best how many times people come and play etcetera. Withdrawl is automatic at low threshold.

If you want to get some easy, fast free bitcoins without wasting all day on 100ds of different faucets, use ePay. You will earn quickly and can share with your friends so you all get some free bitcoins.

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ePay Best way to earn Free Bitcoins
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